I graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Robotics. Artistic passions were not my professional goal, but they were always an essential part of my life.

Studying the relationship between color, shape and image fascinated me.

Initially, I took up painting, which was a record of emotions for me. I love to see old paintings and
imagine a moment frozen in time.

By chance I met some creators of ceramics and sculptors. This artistic environment has opened up new possibilities for expression for me.
I started to attend workshops and trainings on ceramics and glazes.

I'm currently experimenting a lot with clay and glazes. I create my own enamel, I do a lot of work just for myself. I lead ceramics workshops for children and I carry out custom works, for example, I reconstruct archaeological vessels.

Looking back, I see that everything was a journey towards art, that now every work of mine could be a story about something.