Currently I offer workshops for children in kindergardens and schools and for beginners.

During workshops for children I follow the principle that the creation process is more important than its result. Creativity and own experiences matter the most.

Working with clay we use different materials and tools, also everyday items. I never evaluate or criticize the result. I'm not correcting kids' work. There are no situations where something can "fail" - every single work is an experience and a success of the child.

During workshopsfor beginners I discuss techniques of shaping and decoration, I give some tips. The creation process itself, the idea, belongs to the author only.

As the same as workshop for children creative time with clay is more important than the final result - it soothes, relaxes and reduces stress. Of course, by the way, we make bowls, pots, sculptures and everything that we can imagine.

There is a restriction as to the number of participants of this workshop: maximum 6 persons in a group.